Building Character & Fostering Faith: Excellence in Christian Education

Braveheart Academy is a PreK - 8th Grade Individualized, Mastery-Based
Christian School in Arlington, TX

Integrated Faith and Learning

At Braveheart Christian Academy, the distinctive integration of Christian values into every facet of education ensures that students not only gain academic knowledge but also develop a strong foundation in faith. This unique blend fosters a holistic approach to growth, emphasizing character development alongside intellectual achievement.

Nurturing EnviroNMent

A key differentiator is the nurturing environment provided by Braveheart Christian Academy. Our school is dedicated to creating a supportive and caring community where students feel values and encouraged. This nurturing atmosphere plays a pivotal role in the development of each student, creating a sense of belonging and promoting positive social and emotional growth.

Focus on Wisdom and Grace

Beyond academic success, Braveheart Christian Academy emphasizes instilling wisdom and grace in students. This focus sets our school apart by preparing students not only for academic challenges but also for the complexities of the world with a resilient foundation rooted in Christian principles. Choosing Braveheart means choosing an education that goes beyond knowledge. We are shaping individuals who approach life with wisdom, Grace, and a strong ethical framework.

A Letter from Our Head of School

Welcome to Braveheart Christian Academy

We have designed a five-day-per-week educational program that focuses on the mastery of arithmetic, phonics, reading, and writing for students in traditional grade levels of PK – 8th.

As students master the foundational building blocks of learning, students soar into more advanced concepts years ahead of traditional grade levels.

Hands on activities are a key component of our learning model, allowing kinesthetic learning to be optimized and propelled.

Students memorize bible scriptures to reinforce biblical principles and precepts.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!


Chrystal Bernard
Head of School
Braveheart Christian Academy

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Student Outcome

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Braveheart Events

Every Wednesday
9AM - 12PM

Walk-in Wednesdays

Come by and see BCA in action. No appointment needed!

Braveheart News

Braveheart Christian Academy Receives Cognia Accreditation

VELA Grant Recipient

Education Entrepreneurs In Texas Are Expanding Options For Families

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