About BCA

Mission & Uniqueness

The following statements highlight BCA’s uniqueness:

  1. BCA is committed to developing a solid Christian Worldview.
  2. BCA is committed to individualized Mastery Based Learning. Students are not socially promoted to the next grade level. Instead, students must master the curriculum to move ahead.
  3. Every child is a distinct individual. As a result, our philosophy of education is also individualized. Following placement testing, each student is prescribed an individual curriculum.

Our belief’s align with those of¬†Believers Connection Church.

Teacher Student Ratio
1 :10
Minorities Represented in Student Body
0 %
Average Annual Tuition Financial Aid Per Qualifying Student
$ 0
Months of Academic Growth Per Month Per Student

Our Mission

Equipping students for a lifetime of learning, leadership,
and service.

Our Vision

To produce students equipped with tools for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service.

Excellence Anchored in Faith: Braveheart Christian Academy, Where Values Shape Futures

Braveheart Christian Academy provides a solution by offering a nurturing and academically rigorous environment where children not only receive an excellent education but also develop a deep understanding of Christian values.

Our dedicated faculty ensures that faith is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of learning, fostering character development alongside academic achievement.

Choosing Braveheart Christian Academy means giving your child a solid foundation in both education and Christian principles, preparing them to navigate the world with wisdom and grace. 

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