A headline that sets you up to show what discipleship looks like at your school.

A couple sentences to reinforce the importance of Christian character development and spiritual formation. You might highlight your vision for students, your philosophy, or both. 

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Worship & Chapel

Worship + Chapel is a chance for our students to pause and reflect on the mission of Braveheart Christian Academy. It exposes students to a variety of worship songs and genres. Although Worship + Chapel is frequently set up like a worship session, its goal is distinct from the spiritual uplift that students receive from their home church. Chapel attendance is required as we believe it is crucial to helping children build a heart for God.

Bible Classes

All students participate in bible class. Students may engage in group discussions, readings, and related activities. This helps foster spiritual growth, moral development, and a deeper understanding of Christian values. It also provides a foundation for students to apply these principles in their lives, promoting a well-rounded education that integrates faith and academics.


Prayer is included in our daily routines. This fosters a spiritual environment and reinforces the integration of faith into education.

Local Mission Projects

Servant Leadership days are held on the second Friday of each month. All students volunteer at a local non-profit where they have the opportunity to identify and address community needs, which encourages them to take leadership roles in service projects. The emphasis is on developing empathy, teamwork, and a sense of social responsibility.